Pet Chef Express provides the highest quality dog and cat food available.  Made in Alberta with only the finest human grade products with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  Very competitive prices and free home delivery.  Order some today through our Grocery Items or send an email to and add it to your weekly order.

Dog Food

SALMON & POTATO Premium Natural Blend

$56.00 / 13 kg ( 28.6 lbs ) bag

$23.00 / 4 kg  ( 8.8 lbs ) bag

Cat Food

CHICKEN, RICE & SALMON Premium Natural Blend

$29.00 / 3.63 kg ( 8 lbs ) bag

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For more information regarding Pet Chef Express, check out their website at


We also offer Raw Dog Food from Mountain Dog Food Company.

They only use high grad meat, fruit and vegetables.

Available in Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Fish and Bovine.

Check out there Web-Page for more information and pricing.


Mountain Dog FoodFor more information regarding Mountain Dog Food, check out their website at



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